What about ME?

The well recognised lyric below from the Moving Pictures song, “What About Me”, sums up a good deal of our community’s sentiment that people with ME/CFS are entitled to better support, care and respect and that the lack of funding for high quality research needs to be challenged.

“What About me? It isn’t fair
I’ve had enough now, I want my share
Can’t you see? I wanna live…….

Senator Scott Ludlum is scheduled to ask questions about the almost complete lack of funding for people with ME/CFS in Australia.

Emerge Australia have been requested to supply questions to Senator Ludlam for this session. Emerge Australia President, Sally Missing has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, consulting with key stakeholders to craft the set of questions which have now been submitted on the themes of research, support services, GP education and NDIS eligibility.

The Parliamentary session has been confirmed for this Wednesday 10th February at 7.40pm – 9.00pm.

Health Portfolio: Outcome 1 Population Health, Program 1.1 Public Health

You can watch live by hitting the link at www.aph.gov.au/News_and_Events/Watch_Parliament  and then hitting “community affairs” committee.

A video and transcript of Senator Ludlam’s exchange will be made available to us by his office after the session, for us to provide you in a latest news article on our website and social media.

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