Jen Brea speaks at the 2016 TEDSummit

TED Talks are an amazing way to reach a really large audience with your particular passion. A TED talk is where you have your shot at 15 minutes of fame. In June 2016, Jen Brea gave the first ever TED talk about what it’s like living with ME/CFS.

Many of you will know of Ms Brea who, in 2013 started the long road to funding Canary in a Coalmine a film about ME/CFS, in the words of the people affected by the condition. The film is due out in late 2017, but in the meantime, Ms Brea has been using her scarce energy envelope to get the word out about ME/CFS wherever she can. This includes building an online community for ME/CFS activists, ME Action.

This particular talk is not yet on the TED website, but here is an excellent write up of the talk. There is also an in-depth interview  with Ms Brea from 2013 that is an excellent read and great if you want to give people an overview of the condition.

You can read Ms Brea’s story about her experience at the talk on her facebook page and also some of the reactions from people who attended the talk.

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