Personal stories

Story-telling is a powerful way for people with chronic health issues to validate their experiences, have their voices heard, and to provide support and comfort to others with similar issues.

We are really pleased to be working with My Invisible Life to help bring the stories of people affected by ME/CFS and related conditions to a wider audience.

My Invisible Life (MIL) started in January 2014 and strives to bring readers a broad, enriching and valuable range of personal stories about illness from around the world. Stories that are inspirational, heartfelt, motivational and authentic.

If you’d like to become a MIL Storyteller, you have the chance to captivate your readers with an attitude that makes them smile, and perhaps in a week, a month, a year’s time – think of you and your now visible life. To write for MIL, you need only one prerequisite – a genuine story about a real life experience.

Personal stories about CFS, ME and related conditions


In the meantime, you can read the personal stories on our site of some of our members who have asked us to share their stories about the effect of ME/CFS and related conditions.

Or, you can go to the MIL website, and search for stories from people with ME/CFS


If you have a personal story that you’d like to share just with us, then please contact us, or if you’d like to be part of My Invisible Life, then register right here.


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