Emerge Volunteers Facilitate New & Refreshed ME/CFS Support Service Resources

A new project, started by our volunteer team at Emerge Australia involves the updating and expansion of the Support Services Booklet and corresponding information on the Emerge website.

The Support Services Booklet has categorised community centres, not-for profits, council run programs, research centres, and other organisations into an easily accessible format, tailored to the particular needs or concerns raised overtime from our members and community.

Our members have sought our advice on topics such as finding transport to appointments, respite care for family members, financial and legal assistance, information regarding nursing services, and a diverse range of other support services. The updated Support Services Booklet has catalogued these identified needs and is now available to download or order in hard copy.

Whilst the Support Services Booklet has a great deal of information for assistance, there is a growing need to expand the breadth of information relevant to a far reaching national audience, more particularly for those in regional and remote areas.

We hope to expand the booklet in such a way as to make it a relevant and practical resource for as many people as possible. While updates on the booklet continue, the volunteer team look to our members and Emerge website visitors for suggestions. Please email us if you have suggestions or contributions. We encourage you to invite interest from your family, friends and colleagues to contribute their knowledge of services and supports also.

Additionally, the volunteer team have created a new feature for the Emerge website – an FAQ. We hope you find the answers useful and again request our members and visitors to the Emerge website to put forth your questions to our team.

We thank you for all your feedback so far this year.

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