Do Something for ME

Do you have an idea for raising awareness and/or funds to spread the word about ME/CFS?

 Being a Community Activist and raising awareness about ME/CFS is a lot simpler than it sounds.

 Registration is free and only takes a few moments.

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We’ll email you immediately with your information on how to get started. If you need further information from us (for example if you’re holding a fundraising event) we’ll be in contact with the information within the week.

Once you’re registered you will need:


Need more information?

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Looking for ideas?

Not everything has to be a big event – small, consistent actions, or behind-the-scenes work can have a lasting impact. Here’s some ideas across the broad range of awareness-raising activities:


Community Activists are essential to getting the message out about ME/CFS into the wider community.

ME/CFS International Awareness Day is on 12th May every year.  It’s a day to focus on getting the message out there loud and clear and in a coordinated way. But as far as we’re concerned every day is Awareness Day.

The sorts of activities we do at Emerge Australia to raising Awareness includes:

And it also includes working with a wonderful group of volunteers both in our office and out in the community, to get the message out there.


So, what about you?

Are you ready to Do Something for ME?

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