Just diagnosed?

Some Information: Prof. Dr. K. de Meirleir – Explains ME/CFS – Wetenschap voor Patienten

With English Subtitles

Now that you have been diagnosed with ME/CFS perhaps some general information on the condition may be helpful.

In the following YouTube videos Prof. Dr. Kenny de Meirleir endeavours to explain ME/CFS.


1. Is ME and/or CFS a disease?


2. Is it possible to diagnose ME/CFS?


3. Is ME a hereditary condition?


4. ME and sleep disorders


5. ME and pain


6. ME and Hormones


7. ME, the Immune System and several Viruses


8. ME and the Blood Circulation


9. ME and Gastrointestinal Problems


10. ME, Co-morbidity and Exclusion Criteria


11. Twelve answers to questions – ME Origin and Causes


12. Misdiagnosis / Related Diagnosis and Tests


13. Sleep, Pain and Nightmares


14. ME and Treatment


 15. ME, Remedy and Hope


16. ME and Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN)


17. ME and the Brain


18. ME, Th1, Th2 and Th17


19. Subgroups of patients


20. Sense and nonsense of tests



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