Cubing for CFS seeks crowdfunding support

Melissa Gijsbers is a published author, blogger and mother of two young boys. She writes a variety of different things, from picture books to chapter books for children, fiction and non-fiction for adults, as well as writing a number of different blogs on a variety of topics.

Melissa has become an Emerge Australia Community Activist and is reaching out to the broad community seeking support by means of crowdfunding, to publish her book and in doing so raise awareness and understanding of ME/CFS. Her current writing project provides a message that can be used by any family where a child is ill. First, answer the questions siblings ask and let them come to appointments so they know what is going on too. Second, find things they can do to help. It may not be something that they can do directly to help their sibling, but it can be doing something to raise awareness in their community.

‘Cubing for CFS’ is the story of a twelve year old boy Tony, in grade 6 at his local Primary School. He is on the football team, loves solving Rubik’s Cubes, and generally enjoys school. However, he has a problem. His younger brother, George, has been ill for some time, and Tony is sure he’s faking it. That is until George is diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. Tony sets out to find out what he can about his brother’s illness and then decides to use his Rubik’s cube to do something to help.

‘Cubing for CFS’ is based on a fundraiser her 13 year old did earlier this year to raise money and awareness about chronic fatigue at his school following his younger brother being diagnosed with chronic fatigue in February this year. Melissa says he was feeling scared and helpless about his brother’s illness, and decided to have a fundraiser to raise money and awareness in support of Emerge Australia.

To find out more about this project and how people can help go to the “Cubing for CFS” website.

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