Connect with ME – connect with others one-to-one from home

As an alternative for those who cannot get to Peer Support Groups due to being severely affected by the condition (including carers) or being too far from existing groups, Emerge Australia offers the opportunity to connect directly with others without leaving home.

Registered participants can outline their interests and nominate a communication mode of their choice, such as letter writing, email, phone, texting or Skype – you name it! We will then try to help you make the best connections.

Feedback for this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s been an absolute godsend to know that there are others out there doing it just as tough but the toughness is halved because we can share it. We are not isolated any more.” Participant 

One-to-One is a membership-based service

We ask all people to become members with us before we share personal information with others. Becoming a member not only enhances people’s personal security, it also supports the Peer Support Program and builds our strength in numbers.

If you’d like to join or need to renew your membership, you can go to: Membership  or email

Want to get involved?

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