Community and Support

There are many different types of support available for people with ME/CFS and related conditions, and for people who care for them.

Peer Support

When you have a condition like ME/CFS, it’s very easy to become isolated either emotionally or physically.  Having the support of people who understand, and who can unconditionally provide a listening ear, practical advice or comfort is extremely important.

Emerge Australia coordinates a number of peer support groups across Australia and if there’s not one in your area, they’re able to provide you with the tools to set up your own group.  There is also a group being developed for people who are housebound or bedbound.

If you care for someone who has a chronic illness of any sort, then making sure you receive support is extremely important. 

Support Services

Over the past few years Emerge Australia has been developing a list of Support Services in Victoria and is currently expanding this across Australia.  Our revised 2015 Support Services guide is now available.

Email inquiries

If you can’t find what you need on the website, general enquiries can be made directly by email.  The inquiry email is staffed by trained volunteers. Please be patient with us responding to your queries – we receive a lot of them and we are a very small team.


Emerge Australia has a range of books and DVD’s available for purchase.