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The Therapeutic Benefits of Argentine Tango – Imogen’s Story

My name is Imogen, I am 25 years old and have had a diagnosis of ME/CFS since 2006. The impact of my illness was in the severe to moderate level […]

Cubing for CFS seeks crowdfunding support

Melissa Gijsbers is a published author, blogger and mother of two young boys. She writes a variety of different things, from picture books to chapter books for children, fiction and […]

New Documentary Launched: Forgotten Plague

Ryan Prior, director, co-writer and producer of the documentary Forgotten Plague explores the enduring fight with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). ME/CFS affected Ryan’s life so dramatically it inspired him […]

Indie band lead singer tells ME/CFS story

Stuart Murdoch, lead singer of indie band Belle and Sebastian was interviewed last month by Solve ME/CFS Initiative whilst on tour in Los Angeles. Stuart discusses his experience with the […]

Eugenie Lee’s Artistic Depictions of Chronic Pain

Eugenie Lee is an artist whose experience of chronic pain has greatly influenced her work. A sufferer of endometriosis and adenomyosis for nearly two decades, Lee eventually chose to undergo […]

One Woman’s Naturopathic Journey with Fibromyalgia

We read a lot about drug trials and medical studies, and many of us have tried too many pharmaceutical treatments to remember, with varying degrees of success. For as long […]

The Chilli Challenge

Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral on the internet and managed to raise over $220 million in donations in the process? Well, now there’s the chilli challenge—and […]

Expanding My Envelope: How I Balanced Work and CFIDS

Kristin Scherger faced many challenges in her seven years with CFS, but few have been as significant as the fight for her career. In this story, she talks about: Her initial efforts to […]

ME/CFS on BBC Radio Bristol

BBC Radio Bristol in the UK recently broadcast a program sharing the experiences of those living with ME/CFS. The focus interview is with Naomi from Hanham, who has suffered from […]

Travelling with ME/CFS

At first glance, travelling with ME/CFS may seem like an impossible dream. After all, for some of us, just getting out of bed is enough to use up an entire […]