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My Life, Influences & Living with ME/CFS -Triple R interview with Chris Fayers

Chris Fayers, an Environmental Scientist and Emerge Australia member, was recently interviewed on Melbourne Independent radio station TripleR. Chris provided an insightful interview where he discusses  his childhood, career, musical […]

Chronic fatigue syndrome chronically underfunded – The WIRE

On Tuesday evening this week (23/2/16), Emerge President Sally Missing, Senator Scott Ludlam and ME patient Sasha Nimmo, were interviewed by The Wire as a follow up to the questions […]

Emerge Australia Media Release following Senate Estimates

Australia’s chronic fatigue syndrome patients left without support, tiny amount on research. Wednesday night’s Senate Estimate hearings show that sadly people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) are still being […]

Australian Department of Health pins its hopes on NIH research

AUTHOR: Sasha Nimmo Senator asks medical research council about ‘remarkably small amount of funding since 2000’ and are they funding GET or CBT for ME/CFS. Australia spent just $1.6 million […]

What about ME?

The well recognised lyric below from the Moving Pictures song, “What About Me”, sums up a good deal of our community’s sentiment that people with ME/CFS are entitled to better […]

Large controversial UK study refusing to release data: PACE trial

AUTHOR: Sasha Nimmo In January 2016, the authors of a £5 million trial into cognitive behavior therapy and graded exercise therapy again refused to release the data to scientists who […]

Australian Health Dept answers questions on ME

AUTHOR: Sasha Nimmo.  Most of the $2.4 million in research, the government says is for CFS, is research into psychology, exercise or for other conditions such as hepatitis C. For […]

Q&A with Dr Lucinda Bateman

Attached is a webinar of Dr. Lucinda Bateman of Salt Lake City, in which she discusses questions which are frequently asked to her in her clinical practice. Examples of questions […]

Australian Government asked: What are you doing for people with ME?

Author: Sasha Nimmo. This article first appeared on, West Australian Senator and deputy leader of the Greens party, Scott Ludlam, asked the Australian Government what they are doing for people […]

The Last Great Medical Cover Up – Short Film Release

Change For M.E. Change For Us is an independent grassroots organisation in the UK that actively works towards health reform for people living with M.E., more particularly creating a more […]