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Research Update from The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Center (CFSRC) at Stanford University

The CFSRC, directed by Dr. Ronald W. Davis, PhD (Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics) operates within the Stanford Genome Technology Center (SGTC). The goal of the CFSRC is to discover causes, […]

Griffith University NCNED Makes Breakthrough in ME/CFS Research

As recently reported in the news by SBS and the Huffington Post researchers Professor Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik and Professor Donald Staines and co-workers at the National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases (NCNED) […]

Blood, Tissue and Organ Donation with ME/CFS

Have you asked yourself the question: can I donate blood, tissues and/or organs even though I have ME/CFS? Well, the simple answers are no, and maybe. See below: Blood The Australian […]

A dietitian puts extreme ‘clean eating’ claims to the test – and the results aren’t pretty

Sophie Medlin, ‎Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics, King’s College London in an article in The Conversation takes a look at the “clean eating” claims such as: “Some clean eating bloggers claim to have […]

Emerge Ribbon

Awareness Week – May 11 to 17

A key priority for Emerge Australia and for anyone living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is to raise awareness of the illness and to improve understanding and support […]

ME/CFS Mentioned During Senate Estimates

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam Asks the NHMRC About Funding For ME/CFS Research During the Wednesday, 21 October 2015 Community Affairs Legislation Committee, Senator Scott Ludlam “grilled” officials from the National Health and Medical […]

There May Be A Link Between Dental Amalgams And ME/CFS, FM And Other Chronic Illnesses

Evidence supporting a link between dental amalgams and chronic illness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and suicide. [link to article] Janet K. Kern 1, David A. Geier 1, Geir Bjørklund 2, Paul […]

U of Cincinnati student walks to class for first time in 4 years

By: Dan Reimold February 15, 2015 in Thanks to a significant amount of recovery from a period of being bedridden with moderate to severe ME/CFS, US University student Sara Whitestone […]

Rituximab And ME/CFS: A New Trial Begins

Rituximab: The Promising Chemotherapy Agent As A Treatment For ME/CFS – A New And Large Norwegian Clinical Trial Begins You would have by now heard of the buzz that has been surrounding […]

Isometric Yoga Improves The Fatigue And Pain Of Patients With CFS: A Small Randomized Controlled Trial

Research Article: Isometric yoga improves the fatigue and pain of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome who are resistant to conventional therapy: a randomized, controlled trial. Takakazu Oka*¹, Tokusei Tanahashi¹, Takeharu Chijiwa¹, Battuvshin Lkhagvasuren¹, Nobuyuki […]